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Kona Online Sales is a Canadian site enabled to allow you to shop for many of our featured products from the comfort of your home, including Custom Golf Clubs, and Golf Club Components. Our Parent site is  KonaGolfSales.com

All products offered are of the highest quality, and are sold regularly through both our wholesale golf component supply business as well as our custom golf club shop  .

Although we specialize in supplying Single Length Golf Clubs in Canada, we also sell traditional sets. We are able to provide quality custom fit golf clubs, using our TLT fitting method or the Traditional Method.

Our Single length golf offering includes Pinhawk SL Irons, Pinhawk SLH Hybrid Irons , Sterling Irons by Tom Wishon,  I-Win Single Length Irons  by Integra Golf.  Left Hand Pinhawk SL Irons are also be available.

Our golf component offering includes Pinhawk SL, (Fairway, Hybrids and Iron heads), Swing Science golf components, Krank Golf,  I-Win single Length iron heads, several Integra golf models, Geek Golf,  SMT Golf. Golf Shafts by Nventix, True Temper, Aldila, Mitsubishi Rayon, Enzo, UST, Apollo just to name a few.


Our Standard build on all of our custom golf clubs includes frequency matching shafts, proper head and shaft alignment (Spining), swing weight or MOI.


All of our custom sets are carefully assembled by our ICG certified club maker.  

With our experience of club building for several teaching pros over the years, we are able to custom build golf clubs, even if you cannot come in to see us. Through correspondence with you,we can determine what should be best for you and provide you with a quality golf club set that you could not buy off the shelf at any retail golf store.

If you happen to be a local client, we also provide quality golf club repairs in Norfolk County. Whether you need new golf shafts for irons, or golf club regripping, we can do it all for you.

If you have any questions at any time do not hesitate to contact us.

Kona Golf Sales


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  • Amarjot says:

    Do you ship internationally?

    If yes am interested in a set of pull out shafts you are selling.

    What would be the shipping to New Delhi, India?

    If you do not, can I still purchase from India using my credit card and ship it to my sister in Mississauga .



    • Jim Klassen says:

      Hi There,

      My experience in shipping outside of North America has been very expensive, especially on odd size cartons. 4 x 4 x 42″.

      If you would like to purchase and have me ship to your sister, go ahead and process the order online.

      Thank you for your interest.

  • Marilyne Doyle says:

    I am looking for an Integra Hybrid 9. My Integra (IDrive) clubs have a Lamkin Crossline 580 grip and IDrive Tour 4.1 shaft – both of which work well for me so I would be looking for something similar on the 9. I am female but my hybrids are not “pink” Integras and that is ok. Price? If you have the club can I pick it up or is shipping the only option?


    Jim thank you very much! My clubs arrived today and I can’t wait to learn to use them 😊. I appreciate the timely and good service that you have provided and the good work that you have done and would certainly recommend your business.



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