Harry Taylor Custom Wedges

We are pleased to offer  precision milled Harry Taylor Design custom wedges which produce maximum spin and control. Each Harry Taylor wedge has been designed with the proper bounce to help from digging and allows the club to glide through turf or sand.  We offer the Harry Taylor Designed custom wedges in five different lofts each precision milled with the proper bounce to execute great golf shots.


Harry Taylor Designs

Custom Wedges Now available!






With over 30 years’ experience as a Tour player and a designer Harry Taylor  designed the finest wedges for your game. He worked tirelessly to develop the milled chrome plated, hand crafted 305 wedge series.  His designs have been inspired by my lifetime of working and designing clubs for the best players in the world.  The milled face and perfect bounce will give you the confidence to hit any shot you desire from any lie. If you are looking for new golf bling for your bag you have to check out the Harry Taylor Designs !

Mr. Taylor has designed many wedges in his career and I think the Harry Taylor Design series 305 Custom Wedges are the most beautiful best performing line of wedges He has ever produced.  “For the best design of my life, only the very best components will do.”

Custom Wedge Specs:
  Spec Tolerance
Scoreline Width (top) 0.76mm +/- 0.08mm
Scoreline Width (bottom) 0.41mm +/- 0.08mm
Scoreline Depth 0.46mm +0.03mm / -0.08mm
Scoreline Pitch 3.56mm +/- 0.05mm
Draft Angle 16D +/- 1D


All the grooves on the face of the Harry Taylor 305 Custom Wedge series are 100% inspected U-shaped groves that create a more consistent spin off of the face.

Harry Taylor Custom Wedges

Harry Taylor Golf Designs


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Read Harry’s story here: The Man Behind the Design



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